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6 Ways To Practice Self-Care on Your Wedding Day

6 Ways To Practice Self-Care on Your Wedding Day

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When you dream of your wedding day it’s often hard to imagine all of the emotions you will be feeling, excitement, nervousness, anticipation, pure joy, the list goes on and on. So it may be a bit of a surprise when you wake up on your wedding day or even a few days before, feeling stressed out! You’ve done all the work of planning an amazing day with your family and friends so why are you feeling stressed or anxious? There are a number of factors that could be at play here, but after years of helping others plan their weddings and being a bride and a bridesmaid, we have come up with our top tried and true ways practice self-care on your wedding day.

Practice Self-Care on Wedding Day

1. Soothing Scents

Whether you want to bring your favorite scented candle or love essential oils and your diffuser, bring a scent that soothes you. The power of smell is a strong one so while your eyes are closed as you get your makeup done, take a deep breath and soak in your favorite blend or lavender scents and think of your significant other waiting for you at the end of the aisle.

2. Pamper Yourself

Starting off the morning with a peaceful massage or a soothing bubble bath can feel like just what the doctor ordered as your heart feels like it’s going to burst! However you enjoy pampering yourself, go for it! I mean it IS your wedding day after all, enjoy every minute of it.

practice self-care on your wedding day Photo by Wedding’s Art from this gorgeous Barcelona wedding

3. Delegate Everything Beforehand

The last thing you want is for people calling you the day of your wedding. So make sure your wedding coordinator has everyone’s contact information as well as your vendors. We love to create a “call anyone but the couple” list to provide to anyone and everyone who may need it that way you can just sit back and enjoy the day without thinking of all the details that can easily begin swirling in your head.

4. Start Your Morning with Something to Eat

Starting your day with a soothing tea like camomile paired with a healthy breakfast will not only be easy on the stomach but will also help settle any butterflies you’re feeling. Often times brides will feel nervous on their wedding day, and might not want to eat, but eating has a significant impact on your mood and we definitely want to avoid feeling hangry, am I right? We recommend avoid fatty or greasy foods that can have an adverse effect so look at things like fresh fruit or yogurt and granola. 

how to take care yourself on your wedding day Photo by Jane in the Woods from this ethereal bohemian wedding

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5. Relaxing Tunes

Everyone’s definition of relaxing is different, but we recommend making a playlist of your favorite tunes to listen to throughout the day. Whether that be upbeat music to jam to or relaxing instrumental, there’s no wrong answer here as long as you are feeling calm and can unwind.

6. Get Moving!

Whether you love swimming, going for a jog, or have an impromptu dance party, get moving! As Elle Woods would say, “Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!” So get up and going to get those happy endorphins flowing!

how to practice self care on your wedding day Photo by Ashtyn Brooke Photo from this tropical boho wedding

We hope these tips help with self-care on your wedding day and make for happy tears only! So speaking of peace of mind, have you thought about wedding insurance? Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about wedding insurance and why you might need it.

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