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7 Wedding Favor and Decor Ideas with M&M’S + 25% Off Code!

7 Wedding Favor and Decor Ideas with M&M’S + 25% Off Code!

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 144

Some people have greatness thrust upon them, right? Well that’s how we feel after discovering the most versatile wedding idea we’ve seen yet. We’d consider it a full-on wedding hack for its ability to translate from favor to decor element to bridal party gift (and beyond!). You’ve probably guessed by now that our hot tip involves a brand we all know and love: M&M’S. But if you’ve only enjoyed them as ball game snacks or movie treats, we’re pretty sure your world is about to change. Because there is so. much. more.

trail mix display party decor with happy trails backdrop

So why is it that we’re so drawn to these petite treats?

  • To start, they’re universally loved, making them an easy solution for even the hardest people to please.
  • They’re small in size, so whether you need something pocket-sized or something life-sized (hello, innovative packaging!), you can scale.
  • They’re affordable. With everything you end up spending across wedding events, any opportunity to make a cost effective decision should be accepted with open arms. That’s why we love leveraging DIY ideas to make a more affordable wedding favor!
  • They’re just so darn cute! And topping the array of color options at your disposal, M&M’s are personalizable. Translation: You can add relevant icons, monograms, phrases or even images to complement the rest of your event. They even offer a wide variety of their own clip-art to choose from!

M&Ms Trailmix goodie bags

Needless to say, our heads started spinning with ideas as we took a little stroll through product lane. From bulk candy bags to favor tins to adorable occasion bottles, even the packaging lends itself to creativity! I’m not gonna keep these ideas a secret any longer, so get ready to glimpse some wedding favor and decor ideas you may just have to use across multiple events. There’s no such thing as too much chocolate, right? Right.

1. DIY Trail Mix Bar

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 9

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 8

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 23

Let’s start with the quick + easy project that packs a big punch (literally). This homemade Trail Mix display took no time to set up, yet the result is crazy dramatic. And not the Real Housewives kind of dramatic. I mean the oh-my-gosh-that-looks-so-delicious-but-also-I-want-a-picture-with-it dramatic. Are you with me? To set it up, I grabbed a woodland mural and suspended the panels behind a table, which I scattered with glass hurricane canisters in varying heights atop a nude colored dropcloth that I draped haphazardly for a more organic look. I filled the jars with personalizable M&M’S in cute little color blocks and set additional Trail Mix ingredients out on the table (list below!). After that, this snack bar was ready to be enjoyed! And enjoy it, I did 😉

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 11

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 33

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 6

Check out some different ingredients you can use for your own homemade Trail Mix below! Just pick 2 or 3 from each category and you’ve got yourself some sweet and salty sweets that are mm mm good.


  • M&M’S
  • Butterscotch Chips
  • Peanut Butter Chips
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Yogurt Covered Raisins

Dried Fruits

  • Dried Banana Chips
  • Dried Apricots
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Dried Apples


  • Cashews
  • Almonds
  • Peanuts
  • Pecans
  • Pistachios
  • Walnuts


  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Flax Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Hemp seeds


  • Popcorn
  • Cheerios
  • Life Cereal
  • Chex Cereal
  • Granola
  • Mini Pretzels

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 71

If you want to take it a step further, you can provide mini plastic baggies and some ribbon or twine for your guests to package their own doggy bags to take home with them. I mean does it get more darling than this?!

2. “Love is Sweet” Favors

Another way to level up on your favor game? These adorable gold tins filled with personalized M&M’S in mixed colorful hues. M&M’S does the hard part, AKA sourcing the perfect canisters to fit in one’s pocket. So all you have to do is choose your colors, choose your personalization (if you want), pour some M&M’S into each tin and voila! You’re all set! (They make it easy by providing a scoop!)

Mms Love Is Sweet tin party favors

We created a cute little template to spread the love as well, so if you like what you see with this DIY favor, download the “Love is Sweet” design file here!

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 96

What You’ll Need:
Personalizable M&Ms DIY Gold Favor Kit
Paper punch
Sticker paper
“Love is Sweet” Template – download here!

3. Mini Occasion Bottle Favors

Did someone say pop the cork? Luckily, there’s no special cork popping talent required for this snazzy favor (that would also double as an adorable NYE party treat, might I add). Now these chocolate filled bottles don’t need much jazzing up since they’re already mega charming. But if your occasion calls for more sparkle or shine, these confetti-clad favors add the perfect burst of color + fun to the mix.

mini glitter champagne bottles with m&ms trees and cheers tag

All you have to do is lather one side of your M&M’S mini bottle favor with mod podge, dip it into confetti, let it dry and then #shakeitoff. We then added a miniature “Cheers” tag to each bottle with by printing this template onto vellum tags, punching a hole on the left side, threading a thin ribbon through and wrapping it around the bottle for some extra pizazz. But that’s totally your prerogative!

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 99

And again, you can choose your own colors + personalizations for the treats inside the petite plastic bottle here!

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 132

What You’ll Need:
Personalizable M&M’S DIY Mini Occasion Bottle Favor Kit
Metallic Confetti
Mod Podge
Paper Punch
Hole Punch
“Cheers” Template – download here!

4. Occasion Bottle Engagement Gift

Now if it’s a super-sized champagne bottle you have in mind, M&M’S is way ahead of you, friend. The chocoholics in your life might just lose their minds if hundreds of these personalized candies are sent their way in celebration of their engagement. We packaged this Personalizable M&M’S Occasion Bottle with lush silk flowers and a themed coffee table book so they can let the planning begin (with “job well done” treats to celebrate every page turn, of course)!

oversized bubbly bottle of m&ms

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 144

5. Rainbow Treat Tubes

Before there was ombre, there was rainbow. And boy, will we forever love the whimsy of color blocks and happy thoughts here. These rainbow treat tubes are the perfect blend of both ombre + color block ideas and I gotta say… the result is just tubular.

rainbow tube m&ms treats with Follow the Sun tag

We grabbed bulk bags of personalized M&M’S in, well, every color under the rainbow and added them handful by handful into each tube. Next, we took these watercolor tags that we cut to shape manually, punched a hole in the top and tied to the tubes with thin silk ribbon.

Mms Ruffled Trailmix 157

What You’ll Need:
Personalizable M&M’S Bulk Candy
Plastic Tubes
Watercolor Rainbow Template – CheersYay PrintableWatercolorRainbowTags!

6. Suspended Winter Wedding or Holiday Backdrop

Sleighbells were ringing a little early this year as the idea for this suspended winter wedding backdrop came to mind. Hanging orbs of metallic colored M&M candies share real estate with gilded branches and aged jingle bells in this epic display that could act as a photo backdrop, escort card display or favor station to boot. Not to mention repurposing this beaut for Christmas or New Year’s! More holiday ideas from M&M’S this way when you’re ready to open this Pandora’s Box of goodness!

M&Ms gooien bag ornaments in gold and grey hues

To craft this DIY display, we ordered a selection of M&M’S favor packs with custom colors + designs. Then we tied a strong striped twine piece (varying lengths) around each and suspended from a large wooden rod. We alternated between favor packs, some gold-flecked brush material from Afloral and some bronze statement bells to add depth and dimension to the overall design. We draped some ribbon in a perfectly imperfect way across the rod to make the look feel more laidback and effortless. Then we strapped the rod with twine on either end, tying both individual pieces together in the top middle to create a triangular shape from which the backdrop would be suspended.

What You’ll Need:
Personalizable M&M’S Favor Bags with Color Ribbon
Wooden rod
Dried Grasses, Florals, or other materials
Vintage Jingle Bells
Thin Twine
Rope Twine
Silk Fabric for draping

7. Sparkly Bridesmaid Gift

Being on Team Bride means receiving lots of personalized swag in exchange, right? That’s what brides in 2019 and beyond are doing for their maids! From themed hats to glitzy swimsuits to jewelry galore, the possibilities are truly endless. But what’s even more of a girls’ best friend than diamonds? Chocolate. The answer is always chocolate. That’s why we figured a *practically* bucket-sized canister of chocolate, complete with sparkly personalization would be the piece de resistance to any swag bag that hits the beach this year.

M&Ms bridesmaid box gift

What You’ll Need:
Personalizable M&M’S Gift Jar
Gold Glitter Sticker Lettering

So there you have it! Seven wedding favor and decor ideas using a seriously cost effective and delicious ingredient that are so freaking versatile. There’s a reason M&M’S is a household name, and we’re betting that whoever gets to partake in your own DIY talent with these projects will have a lot of compliments for the chef 😉

25% Off Sitewide with My M&Ms! Use Code RUFFLEDMMS25! Valid 11/4 – 12/31!

Tell us about your projects in the comments below and ’til then, we’ll keep singing the praises of why M&M’S is, in fact, what its all choced up to be. Be sure to stay up to date with our latest DIYS on Ruffled here!

This post was sponsored by M&M’S. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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