Why Velvet Tuxedos and Accessories Are On The Rise

Velvet Groom Suit Accessories Stitch And Tie

Velvet tuxedos and accessories have been taking the world by storm, and we predict this wedding fashion trend will only continue to rise. If suave velvet jackets are good enough for the Duke of Hastings, then who are we to question?! Bridgerton obsession aside, we’ve seen hundreds of grooms hop aboard the velvet fashion train for its dual purpose of aesthetics and functionality. Leading menswear rental company, Stitch & Tie, was one of the first to adopt this bold style directive, and it has been such a thrill to see their collection of velvet tux styles and accessories raise the bar in this arena each year. Today, they’re joining us to share the 5 major reasons velvet might just be the one that you want. Oo oo oo, honey! 

Velvet Groom Suit Accessories Stitch And Tie
Photo by Kyrsten Ashlay Photography featuring velvet bow ties from Stitch & Tie
Velvet Groom Suit Accessories Stitch And Tie
Photo by Northend Photography featuring the Burgundy Velvet Brooklyn Tuxedo

Hooked on a Feeling 

Let’s start with the most important reason to wear anything… it makes you feel like a star. Wrapping yourself in velvet simply makes you feel special, without being stuffy or restricting. The soft, smooth fabric makes velvet ultra comfortable to wear, and when you think about how many hours you’ll be dressed to the nines on your wedding day, that’s a pretty important factor to keep in mind when shopping for styles for your special day. Many grooms even pair traditional suit styles with velvet bow ties to embrace this touch of glamour. Lots of evidence of this throughout our post!

Velvet Groom Suit Accessories Stitch And Tie
Photo by Arielle Peters featuring a velvet bow tie accessory from Stitch & Tie

Endless Versatility

No matter your wedding mood, style or level of formality, the beautiful thing about velvet is its chameleon effect. Not that it “blends in” per se. After all, velvet is anything but a wallflower! Rather, velvet has a magical way of working no matter the setting. Dress it up to be posh (007, anyone?) or dress it down to fit a more bold, bohemian mood. This Sunstone Winery wedding is the perfect example of the latter! A gold velvet suit jacket was the perfect complement to the outdoor ceremony in front of a grand tree and the bride in her loose, embellished kaftan. 

Easy Way To Add A Pop of Color 

Colorful looks for grooms are having a moment… a wonderful, daring, vibrant moment! So it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a lot of weddings and elopements with bold jewel tones, particularly where the fashion game is concerned. Velvet naturally lends itself to these palettes, and we’re anticipating more dapper gents donning ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green velvet groom suits and accessories as the year unfolds. 

Velvet Groom Suit Accessories Stitch And Tie
Photo by Teresa Marie Photography featuring the Gold Velvet Brooklyn Tuxedo

Perfect Match For All Seasons

Velvet tuxedos are practically a shoe-in for chilly fall or winter weddings, but did you know they are also great year-round? With naturally flexible fabric, a proper velvet suit jacket like the Black Velvet Manhattan Tuxedo can can complement most any season or theme.

Aside from the functional perks like these, velvet simply goes year-round. Even in the Spring or Summer, velvet is a great way to transition to a 2nd look to a nighttime celebration. Think: the photos are going to be amazing. The luxurious textures and colors of velvet can add some much needed interest to your look and keep you from being called predictable on your wedding day. 

Red Carpet Endorsed

Validation, meet a mélange of A-lister endorsements for modern velvet suits. Prince Harry, John Legend, Armie Hammer, Daniel Kaluuya, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Gosling, Hugh Jackman, Matthew McConaughey, Sterling K. Brown… we could go on! These esteemed celebrities and their impeccable wardrobes have earned our respect for decades, so why stop now? It’s clear that velvet menswear has received a stamp of approval from fashion trend setters, and we’re more than happy to support their fashion philosophies.

Velvet Groom Suit Accessories Stitch And Tie
Photo by BYC Photography featuring the Burgundy Velvet Brooklyn Tuxedo

So ya see, velvet groom suits and accessories are a no-brainer for weddings of all scales, styles, seasons and levels of formality. With just a few changes in accessories, each can bring out their own design style. Sometimes a velvet jacket or velvet bow tie alone is enough of a statement for your formalwear.

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Velvet Groom Suit Accessories Stitch And Tie
Photo by Teresa Marie Photography featuring a velvet tie accessory from Stitch & Tie

If you have no idea where to even start, you’re not alone. Not all of us can be fashion experts after all! So if you’d rather leave the technicalities to the pros, you can connect with a Stitch & Tie stylist for a one-on-one Virtual Style Session where they’ll talk to you about your style preferences, understand your wedding aesthetics and hand-pick a curated selection of top-to-bottom looks so you don’t have to learn the ins and outs of notch, peak or shawl lapels on your own.

Velvet Groom Suit Accessories Stitch And Tie
Photo by Wildflower Photo Co featuring a velvet tie accessory from Stitch & Tie

Peruse Stitch & Tie’s full wardrobe of suits + tuxedos to choose from here, and be sure to schedule a Virtual Style Session to find the perfect fit. 

This post was sponsored by Stitch & Tie. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors! 

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