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A Twilight Garden Wedding In A Sea of Cosmos

A Twilight Garden Wedding In A Sea of Cosmos

Cosmos Fine Art Session

The Midsummer Night’s Dream vibes run strong in this twilight garden wedding, enveloped by a sea of pink cosmos. These daisy-like flowers couldn’t feel more poetic amidst the flickering candlelight, silky black table linen, amber-tinted glassware and miniature hand-painted cakes spilling across the table thanks to the grace-imbued hands of Stangaciu Victoria. We’re totally entranced by the romance of this scene, whose soulful celebration of flora nad fauna was the brainchild of Flori Sauvage. The artistic tangle of blooms composed as a lush floral runner offers the perfect juxtaposition to the dark and heavy furniture that grounds the scene. Like a stage or backdrop, these moody foundations allow the colorful design moments to feel all the more ethereal. Ioana Porav walks us through this enchanting garden dinner scene in the alluring gallery below. We can’t wait to see how these cosmos-studded images spark imaginative ideas in your own design laboratory!

Cosmos Fine Art Session

From the Photographer, Ioana Porav: Have you ever imagined walking in a garden so filled with beautiful flowers that it almost feels like a forest of pink and white, caressing your shoulders as you walk among them mesmerized by their dance in the wind?

Well, there is such a little corner of heaven in the real world, where a myriad of Cosmos flowers, taller than you, me and everyone else, make for the most enchanting garden you have ever seen.  

A place like this could not be missed for the most artistic photo shooting yet. We envisioned what a wedding would be like in this splendid garden. A wedding in Cosmos, as otherworldly as you can imagine. A stellar wedding.

For this wonderful project we gathered a team of the best wedding professionals in Romania and prepared the bridal mise en place in the middle of the Cosmos oasis, garden which in late summer and early autumn can be found in full bloom on the outskirts of Casa Timis, a wondrous vineyard not very far from Bucharest.

The ethereal atmosphere was captured on camera by the magical lenses of our fine art photographer, Ioana Porav, and on video by the most artistic videographer, Vasile Porav. 

Bringing the artistic elements together and fine tuning them to create the perfect bridal experience was the specialty of our wedding planner, Victoria Stingaciu, who through her romantic vision, combined with dedication and patience, transformed the day’s experience into the most wonderful bridal story.

Cosmos Fine Art Session

In such a spectacular garden, what kind of floral design would not only match the beautiful Cosmos, but also complement it in a delicate, exquisite way? Well, our artistic floral designers from Flori Sauvage, Alexa & Georgiana, had the perfect answer to this question. They created intricate flower garlands for the bridal table, using the most elegant English garden roses and blending them with silver foliage and Cosmos accents. Inspired by fairytales, they added glass domes with mini-gardens inside, to bring some of the whimsical vibe of the place right onto the table. And the bridal bouquet was the crowning glory of it all: a simple yet dazzling bouquet of freshly-picked Cosmos. 

Adding to the wonderland was a collection of art nouveau cakes, for which our cake designer Ilenwe painted towering mono portions in delicious buttercream hues, adorning the cakes with real flowers for an all-natural effect.

The cakes were not the only ones inspired by art nouveau, but also the paper art and calligraphy followed suit. Evelin from Love & Paper explored the Renaissance Dutch painters and their still-life masterpieces to create stunning invitations, adorned with luxurious shades of gold and appropriately polished with a wax seal.

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Cosmos Fine Art Session

And no fairytale is complete without a love story to make us swoon and day-dream about perfect days in the sunshine. Our bride wore the dreamiest dress, vintage-inspired yet romantic and airy, and completed her looks with princess shoes, beautiful jewelry and blush-toned make-up. The groom brought the smart and sharp by wearing a tailored suit, fit for a knight in shining armor, one might say.

No little detail was left out of this day, as attention to all the small but meaningful things is what makes a wedding truly memorable. And what can be more memorable than this celestial garden of Cosmos? A stellar wedding in it, of course.

Cosmos Fine Art Session

This cosmos wedding concept feels impossibly romantic, yet refreshingly doable. Obviously, we’re giving this design direction a standing ovation for its wedding day potential, but it would make for an impressive bridal shower or bachelorette dinner approach too. Hand-painted mini cakes for each of your bridesmaids, celestial pattern tabletop decor, horoscope readings, cosmos crowns… you can’t tell me you don’t love the idea! We’ll let you mull it over. But not for too long! You’ve got some sugar flower wedding cakes to add to your inspiration boards next.

Wedding Vendors:
Location: Casa Timis 
Planning: Stangaciu Victoria
Floral Design & Concept: Flori Sauvage   
Floral Farmers: BullX Flowers – BullX FlowersBiaela’s Flowers and Petals & Smiles 
Photographer: Ioana Porav 
Filmmaker: Vasile Porav   
Invitation Suite & Calligraphy: Love and Paper
Candles:  Ceraria 
Rentals: Rental Stories 
Gown: Chotronette 
Shoes: Ginissima Shoes and Bianca Georgescu
Groom Suit: De Ionescu
Makeup: Andrada Falcoi
Hair: Andreea Stancu
Hairpiece & Jewelry: Lorelai 
Couple: Irina & Artenii
Bride: Milena

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